Beware of Bitcoin scams on WhatsApp

Even in supposedly protected digital rooms, such as a WhatsApp group, users have to be on their guard. There are currently Bitcoin scams there. You have to pay attention to this.

WhatsApp users have to beware of a new scam. Strangers join a group chat and publish a link that leads to a dubious Bitcoin platform. The fact-checking portal “Mimikama” warns of this.

In fact, users need invitation links before they can join groups. The links contain a specific sequence of characters so that users end up in the correct group. According to “Mimikama”, the unknown spammers probably use random generators to generate such invitation links. With a bit of luck, there might actually be a group behind it.

In addition, everyone can find enough WhatsApp groups by Internet research where the link is publicly visible. Anyone with such a link can join a group on WhatsApp.

Big profits from Bitcoin

For the first time in the group, the scammers publish a link to an alleged Bitcoin trading platform. Here users are promised high profits for their use. There are also statements from alleged customers who have earned money with the process.

However, this is presumably a fraud. This is what “Mimikama” points out in its report. There is a tiny note on the advertised trading platform which, translated from English, means the following: “All persons, information, characters and events presented on the website are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or people is a coincidence.”